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Apptegy Design Creation

PLEASE NOTE: : All hyperlinks that leave the South Central Regional Information Center website will open in a new window.  We are not responsible for the content or design of any external website.

New Design Inspirations

What is Design? Graphic
Has your district decided to switch website (CMS) vendors and is seeking ideas for a new design? Or, is your district considering giving its old website design a fresh new look?

We have populated this page with links to other websites that may provide some inspiration as you begin to move forward with the concept planning process.  Feel free to contact us for assistance!

Typical Homepage Features


1. School Name and logo/mascot
2. Main Navigation
3. Audience Based/Quick Link Navigation
4. Social Media Icons
5. Header image (rotating images) or Header video
6. Search and Translate
7. Live Feed
8. News
9. Events
10. Footer
11. Programs

Apptegy provides different designs for features like Live Feed, News, Events, Main Navigation, and Header images or video. Check out other district sites for more inspiration!


Target Audience:  Typically the audience for your new site will be parents, students, staff and community members.  Consider having information for each of these groups.

Design: What (District) colors, logo, structure, shapes and images do you desire on the District homepage and throughout the design?
Navigation:  Relates to how and where you want information located on the District Homepage. Ease of navigation is typically a priority when creating a new site.
Social Media:  Will you need buttons or embedded feeds on your new site?
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