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Example Teacher Template

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This page was created and saved as a TEMPLATE.  It enables you to copy it multiple times (instead of having teachers start from scratch every time)
ALL components have a Header area called Component Title & Spacing.  When in edit mode, look for it on every component in the upper left.  Click to open, edit and click again and close that title area
Multiple text windows can be added and layered one on top of another so that each has its own component or text window title 
Similar to MS Word, the font type, font size and color, copy/paste feature, hyperlinks, images and pdfs can all be added and configured in this space.

What Information to Add?

Some Ideas:

  • General info
  • Syllabus
  • Schedules
  • Academic expectations
  • Grading Policy
  • Lessons
  • Weekly Homework Assignments
  • Hyperlinks to websites your students will use
  • Documents for students or parents to download
  • Embed widgets or feeds
  • Pictures
  • Contact information
  •  Parent/Teacher Meeting Scheduler

You may find it helpful to use the Date Visible and/or Date Expires option when adding temporary information (ex. testing reminders, holidays, specials, back to school supply lists, etc.)
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Instructor Info

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  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number (if desired)

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