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This service provides assessment and test scoring support to school districts to generate diagnostic information on student progress to help teachers target instruction, measure progress toward state learning standards and estimate performance on state assessments. The service includes vendor contract administration, procurement and billing as well as managing extracts, loading district data, assisting districts with the validation of student/teacher data, administering user security and access levels and coordination with the vendors and districts.

The SCRIC currently supports the following local assessment service options:

Acuity - Acuity provides diagnostic information on student progress and unlimited online testing. Reports are available immediately after an assessment is taken and the product includes an item bank of over 40,000 questions based on NYS Standards.

TestWiz - TestWiz provides immediately accessible assessment reports and creates local assessments which are Common Core-aligned. The application takes advantage of the NWEA Item Bank with more than 64,000 test items.

i-Ready - i-Ready is an online platform that offers a computer-adaptive diagnostic, personalized data-driven instruction on foundation skills, standards-based practice, and a Common Core readiness screener.

*NEW PSAT/SAT School Day Exam Administration – PSAT/SAT School Day Exam Administration includes the option for districts to purchase the SAT suite of assessments (PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT/NSQT, SAT). The SAT suite of assessments work together to provide benchmarks and consistent feedback for students and teachers. The assessments also share a common core scale and include subscores and guidance to support teachers and students as they work to improve students’ skills and knowledge.

Renaissance Learning (Star) - Renaissance Learning provides a suite of assessments tools, intervention programs, and hardware solutions designed to establish a foundation for STEM initiatives. Available programs include Math and Reading, Early Literacy, Accelerated Math and Reader and professional development.
eDoctrina- This is a web based package that helps educators:prioritize state standards, create curriculum maps and standards-based lesson/unit plans, build standards-based paper and online assessments, print answer sheets, scan assessment results, quickly identify students who are falling behind and what standards/skills they are having trouble with, manage school/district SMART goals, track student-centered goals and manage teacher observations.  


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