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Managed Data Services


This service provides districts with overall coordination, support and training for data-related activities and data integration related to student management systems, special education systems, cafeteria systems, CIO data activities and data collection. The service provides direct coordination with district administration and school leaders for the verification of NYSED-required data reporting as well as the creation of requested reports. The service assumes responsibility for the coordination of NYS Test Processing, the development and staff review of NYSTART / L2RPT reports, NYSSIS ID resolution, imports and exports of data to and from district data systems and coordination and communication with the "official" district CIO and district data team. The service also provides Service Desk support and central coordination of the district's student management system, data warehouse, L0 and other relevant systems.

Key Components

Data Warehouse / Collection (SIRS) Activities:
  • Coordination and communication with the “official” district CIO/DDA.
  • Coordinates NYS Test Processing (9-12 Regents / 3-8 NYS Assessments).
  • Reviews verification reports required for SIRS NYSED reporting and informs district data team the results.
  • Works with building leaders, department leaders, and others, for the purpose of creating reports, views and dashboards.
  • Accesses and produces NYSTART / L2RPT reports and works with appropriate district staff to review and resolve potential data issues.
  • Liaison / main contact / Service Desk support / training for district data systems (Powerschool / eSchoolPLUS, SchoolTool, Cleartrack, Data Warehouse, L0, others).
  • NYSSIS ID near match resolution.
  • Creation and automation of data Imports / Exports to and from district data systems.
  • Imports data into L0 and verifies data from L0 and L1.
  • Running of NYSED extracts
SMS Support – (Powerschool / eSchoolPLUS / schoolTool)
  • School / District Setup at implementation
  • On-going training for new employees
  • On-site one-on-one or small group work sessions
  • Security Group Setup and Maintenance
  • Backup Process, verify and maintain supported systems
  • Coordinate and perform end of term grading processes every 5-10 weeks (Honor Roll, Class Rank, Storing Grades)
  • Import Photos
  • Cleanup of irrelevant records in database
  • Calendar Setup
  • Final Grade Setup / Years and Terms
  • Completion of End of Year / Start of Year functions.
  • Routinely run data verification reports to ensure data base validity.
  • Perform scheduling functions so scheduling process can begin for upcoming year.
  • Provide application and NYSED reporting upgrades
  • Custom Report Writing
  • Custom Screen Creation and Maintenance
District Specific
  • Maintain district created databases

Service Description

To receive a full Service Description, please reach out to the Service Contact above.



Kelly Twitchell

Phone:    607-786-2110
Email:   [email protected]
Broome Tioga
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