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Regional Telecommunications


This service provides high-speed data connections to school districts connected to a regional telecommunications network for districts in the BT, ONC, and DCMO BOCES regions. The service includes a variety of resources to manage and maintain the network including:

  • Shared Telecom - All hardware, software, staff and maintenance to support and maintain the regional network. This includes the regional firewall, intrusion detection system, internet edge router, core switch, network management system, traffic monitoring system and broadband routers.      
  • Local BOCES Broadband - All line charges and management for the broadband fiber optic network in the BT region, broadband network links in the DCMO & ONC regions and other district-wide area network (WAN) links. Also includes the management of service provider contracts and the bidding of future contracts.     
  • Internet (ISP) Service - Lease and management of the regional Internet gateway, including actual ISP costs. Domain Name Services (DNS) and Network Address Translation (NAT) services are also provided.     
  • E-Rate Service - E-rate processing for shared telecommunications services, including coordination and submission of USAC forms and applications. Also includes the monitoring and management of discounts and refunds on behalf of districts for telecom service expenses.

Optional Support, Planning and Consultation Service - Districts may draw from BOCES' pool of technical staff, as needed, for additional technical, planning and consulting support. Participation in the Regional Telecom Service is a pre-requisite for this option.


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