Regional Telecommunications Service 610.730

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Regional Telecommunications Service 610.730

Service Overview

Service No. 610.730.100 

The Regional Telecommunications service provides shared telecommunication resources, cybersecurity technologies, E-rate program coordination, as well as local broadband connection and contract management.

  • Shared Telecommunication resources include the underlying infrastructure required to facilitate internet and regional network connectivity. Shared Domain Name System (DNS) access is included.

  • Cyber Security technologies include firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Cyber Hygiene (CyHy), Distributed Denial Of Service protection (DDOS), Malicious Domain name Blocking (MDBR), and other regionally supported systems. 

  • SCRIC staff work with E-rate consultants to ensure that regional and district connections are successfully taken through the E-rate Category One process for appropriate reimbursement.

  • SCRIC staff bid regional and network broadband connections to provide the best possible pricing to districts. This work includes contract and vendor management for regional and interdistrict connections.

Contact: Phil Sage

Phone: 607-206-5153 

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