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SMS Contact Information


Beginning Monday, February 23, 2015, the South Central Regional Information Center Student Management Systems Support Teams (eSchoolPLUS, PowerSchool and schooltool) is implementing a new help desk format for telephone support. Please note the phone numbers are not changing, rather, the following options will be presented for connecting to the appropriate help desk:

Help Desk Phone numbers: 607-757-3015 or 607-763-3591

Options for connecting to the appropriate help desk staff:

  • =         Enter 1 for eSchoolPLUS Support
  • =         Enter 2 for PowerSchool Support
  • =         Enter 3 for schooltool Support


Once an option is selected it will be directed to the appropriate help desk where an application specialist will provide assistance. In the event that all help desk staff are busy assisting other callers you will have the following two options.

  • =         Option 1 – Leave a Voice Mail message and an application specialist will get back to you.
  • =         Option 2 – press 0 and your call will be directed to the SCRIC service desk. The service desk will enter your request/question via the Service Now Support System and assign to the appropriate team for resolution.


Please note you may also send email to one of the following SMS help desk email accounts for assistance:

[email protected]              [email protected]                  [email protected]

You may also enter your Support Request into the SCRIC Service Desk system at:  

Kindly share this information with the users of eSchoolPLUS, PowerSchool or schooltool in your school district.

This change is being implemented to better serve our customers. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions and/or concerns at 607-757-3013

Student Management Systems Team - Help Desk Information

Help Desk Phone Numbers: 607-757-3015 or 607-763-3591

Our HelpDesk Staff by Application
Team Coordinator: Donna Eaton 

eSchoolPLUS Team

Stacy Blackwell

Wendy Davis  

Howard Dingman

Joe Hawley

Beth Wilton


PowerSchool Team

Joel Munson

Heather McCabe

Bill Sica  



Schooltool Team

Penny Bronson – Assistant Coordinator

Bill Beebe

Julie Callahan

Maureen Eberly

Jen Knickerbocker



Broome Tioga
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