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Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) 2019-2020 Grant Awards

The NYS Archives archives grant award list can be found here:

New status page

We've listened to your feedback and have made improvements in how information is shared in the unlikely event of a service disruption.

When a major service disruption occurs, you need information as soon as possible. That's why we have created a service status page, for real-time information. On the page you can quickly and easily reference the status of SchoolMessenger Communicate and SchoolMessenger Presence, where any major service interruption will be noted. This information-on-demand model is well established across numerous technology products and will likely feel familiar.

Below is a screenshot of the SchoolMessenger product status page, please bookmark it for future reference:

Customers can subscribe to email and text alerts for updates as new information becomes available, including when an issue is resolved, for any particular outage. This allows for the most timely communication possible.

Server Status Example Page

Of course, customers will continue to have the ability to contact our award-winning support team at for information, just like they always have. This new status page is just one more way for us to provide transparent, up-to-date information to our most important asset, our customers.

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Call Issues

There are several factors that can cause issues with dead air or unknown calls. SchoolMessenger’s success is dependent on the telephone provider’s service. Many times during storms there are power outages or issues with various switches or carriers like Verizon, Frontier, Time Warner, etc. that cause intermittent issues in our areas. Many of these providers main offices that supply service to our area are not located here in New York but are in other states and their weather can have an impact on our service area as well. It’s also possible in rural areas that telephone call are not getting routed properly. Attached is information from SchoolMessenger that outlines the call routing issues the FCC has discovered and what they are doing to combat the problem.

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