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ADA Compliance Webinar Held

On January 8, 2018 we were pleased to be able to offer an ADA Compliance webinar with Patti Koslo, Strategic Communications Director for eSchoolView.   As many of you know, we had hoped to have Patti present in person a few times recently, but it didn't work out for various reasons.  Since we wanted to have her present before the (now suspended) January 18th deadline for compliance, we thought a webinar would be the way to go. Currently, there is an ice storm happening in Ohio where Patti lives, so it turns out it was the right decision!
Even though the deadline for compliance standards has been postponed indefinitely by the DOJ, Patti noted that schools can still be cited by the Office of Civil Rights for being out of compliance.  She encourages school districts to be positive and proactive and reminded districts that they still have a responsibility to make sure websites are accessible to all.

To this end, she encouraged school districts to adopt the P.O.U.R.  Principle.  Websites should be:
      Operable- Be aware of timelapse/movement of items - like making sure rotating slideshows do not move too quickly.  
      Understandable- Organized well/Structured

While Patti was speaking, I took notes here and there.  If you want a copy of her presentation, please contact me [email protected]

Emergency Notifications - be aware of color contrast when adding one to your website.

Be sure 3rd party websites are compliant.  Any service that you are paying for and sending your staff and students to are aware that they need to be compliant- like outside athletic sites or employment sites, etc.

Use the WAVE tool to  help get you to the lowest level of accessibility.  (It DOES NOT replace a professional scan and audit).  Run the WAVE tool on landing pages of districts/ buildings once a month.  This could serve as a teaching moment for people who are accidentally taking your site out of compliance.

Publish a Web Policy and Procedure on your website, if you haven't done so already.  She strongly suggests having contact information available as well.  I have published several examples here on our Support Page.  Below are a few new ones I will add to my list:

Panhandle School District
Montclair School District

There was a question from one of the viewers about teachers use of Social Media to communicate with students.  Patti suggested going to your district and asking if there is a District Acceptable Use form for FaceBook/Twitter ? Ask if the district approves the use of Social Media for academic learning ?  If so, develop a Social Media Accessibility Procedure and recommends using same guidelines as website.  

In eSchoolView, an ADA compliance dashboard will be available soon.  I have been using the BETA version to update old images on the website (turns out I was the worst offender!)

Patti spoke about video captions.  I'm going to add a section targeting that on our Support page

Patti recommended this document for making Forms accessible

Again, I have the full presentation.  Contact me if you'd like it [email protected]
Thank you to all who participated and thank you to Patti for continuing to assist our districts in their pursuit of compliance!

Broome Tioga
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