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Social Media Hub Demo

See examples of the social media hub at these schools

Anderson County School District
eSchoolView - see bottom of page
Anthony School 
Euclid School District - under header slider
Alder - Right of header slideshow

Features of the eSchoolView Social Media Feed

• Include any kind of Social Media.. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.
• Social feed can be part of an existing page (like the homepage) or on a separate page
• Any number of columns on a page for your feeds
• Will work responsively on mobile devices
• Sort feeds by most recent or most popular
• Include filter buttons on top of page to sort by specific social media channel
• Infinite scroll is option for page
• Customize colors to district site
• Duplicate posts can be limited… (unless your feeds are tied together already)
• Social media walls have up to 9 different formats to choose from...such as “grid image walls”
• Click a story to link directly to the social media site
• Feeds update every 30 minutes
• Can also sync the district websites news feed on page
• Can be added in about a week’s time
• Hashtagged posts can be moderated to filter for profanity
• Hashtags can be pulled in… and limited to a specific distance/radius

To view of video of the demo, please contact Deb [email protected]

Broome Tioga
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