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ADA Compliance Workshop

On June 8, 2017 the South Central Regional Information Center offered an ADA Compliant Website Workshop

We were pleased to have Patti Koslo, Strategic Communications Director for eSchoolView, here to present to our group. This was an extremely beneficial event for those of us who are just learning about ADA/Section 508 compliance. Below are a few notes that were jotted down while Patti was speaking to the group.

Patti brought a Powerpoint presentation with her and has graciously offered to share it with our users. I didn’t cover much of what she included in her presentation, so if anyone had to miss this workshop and would like to have a copy, please email me. [email protected]

Notes from the workshop:

· Can you navigate your website without using your mouse? If not, you’re not compliant.

· Stressed that participants won’t leave the workshop experts, but should have a better understanding of Website Accessibility Standards

· ADA Compliance = Accessibility. In much the same way brick and mortar buildings must be accessible to those with physical disabilities, websites must be accessible for those with disabilities as well.

· The key factor for School Districts is to be PRO-ACTIVE in addressing ADA compliance. In the event of a complaint, proving to the Office of Civil Rights that your district has been pro-active in this will be invaluable.

· Patti recommended adding a page to your website with the word “Accessibility” in the page name – so it can be found in a simple search. Place a link in the footer of your website that can be easily located

· Place a contact- email, phone, form- for those who run into accessibility issues on your website so they can contact you BEFORE they file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights

· Patti recommends that ADA compliance be part of the training for ANY new people who will be editing websites. If not, users could potentially bring your site out of compliance

· Proactive steps to consider:

  •    Designate a website Accessibility Coordinator
  •    Provide ADA training to those who will need it
  •    All NEW content should be accessible
  •    Develop a corrective action plan
  •    Monitor compliance
  •    Meet with your Superintendents about ADA
  •    Create Accessibility Policies

· eSchoolView is in the process of bringing the framework of all our District sites into compliance. New designs or redesigns will be compliant out of the box.

· Video should be closed captioned and have a transcript to be at the highest level of compliance. Boxcast, an eSchoolView service, does closed captioning

· Online forms must be accessible. Be sure they are captioned clearly. Be specific

  •    Bad Practice: Name
  •    Good Practice: Last Name, First Name

· Districts may be decide that paper forms meet the need better than an online form

· These other programs/services must also meet or exceed standards for Section 508: Social Media, Emergency Notifications, Learning Management Services

· Despite initial resistance, Facebook and other Social Media sites have finally agreed to move towards compliance

· eSV is placing alt text fields in areas of the Edit View where it isn’t currently found- like Component Headers and image links.

Finally, when reviewing your website, ask yourself these questions:

· Why are you using a website?

· What are the goals?

· What meets the need?

Most websites have far too much information and/or old or outdated information. Get rid of it

Expect a new set of rules from the Office of Civil Rights in 2018. If your district receives a complaint- share with legal counsel immediately

For additional information, please visit our ADA Compliance Support help page

Broome Tioga
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