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New Local Government Retention Schedule
Let the word go forth! In case you don't know, an updated, revised retention schedule is on its way!

At its March meeting, the Board of Regents adopted proposed amendments to our regulations, paving the way for a new local government retention and disposition schedule. The new schedule -- the LGS-1 -- will combine and replace all four current local government schedules (CO-2, MU-1, ED-1, MI-1).

Notice of the proposed LGS-1 schedule was published in the March 18th State Register (p.12) as part of the public regulatory process. Once the public comment period has closed and any final revisions are made, we will publish the new schedule -- currently anticipated for this August.

IMPORTANT: Under the proposed regulations, local governments must adopt the new schedule by January 1, 2021, when the current schedules will no longer be valid.

We will provide additional information and training on the new schedule throughout the year.