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Latest Information on NY State Archives COVID-19 Response for Local Governments
As of May 4th, here is what we know:

LGRMIF grants review will take place by mid May. This means notification letters should go out sometime in June. We are still waiting on official word of extensions for Grants from the 2019-2020 grant cycle. As soon as anything changes, I will make sure to send out the word.

Site visits continues to be postponed due the COVID-19 public health emergency in May. But we are hoping that this will be lifted by June. Again, I will keep everyone updated when and if travel status changes.

As you know, all in person workshops through June have been postponed.

This does not mean if you have a disaster or emergency I won't be on my way. But for the time being, we encourage conference calls or video chat sessions to discuss any issues you may be facing. You can always contact me via my cell phone. You can always email me to discuss how we can set up something to ensure you are getting the help you need. We can discuss more online options. It seems like we are all becoming very familiar with them over the last few weeks.

Of course you can always renew your knowledge about records management topics using our recorded webinars or our publications.

There are plenty of other remote learning opportunities including:

Most of all stay healthy and be safe til we get a chance to see each other soon.

Be well.