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EDM Keeps Records Safe & Accessible
Imagine rooms with hundreds of filing cabinets and boxes filled with student records, personnel documents and test results. School districts are required by law to keep some documents for years or even indefinitely. This means that a district would need some place to put them, to keep them safe from natural disasters like fire or flooding.  
eSchoolPlus Team Works Together to Support Customers
The support team for eSchoolPlus is just that… a team. Assistant Coordinator for eSchoolPlus, MaryAlice Natishak has been supporting the Web-based student management system for 11 years. The eSchoolPlus team consists of Joe Hawley, Mary Beth Townsend, Wendy Davis, Bill Rabey and Coordinator Ann Marie Battaglini. 
Managed Data Services:Gold Level of Service
Managed Data Services, it sounds so simple, it’s data that is managed right? Well when you consider that districts have to collect data for every student from student management systems, special education systems and even cafeteria systems the amount of data is enormous. Districts also must collect information from financial systems for staff as well.  
PowerSchool Team Provides Support and Training to Districts
If you told Heather McCabe eight years ago that she would be providing support for school districts in using the PowerSchool Student Management system, she wouldn’t have believed you.“I never thought this would be an area that I would be working in,” she said. “This is totally different from my previous job, but I like that it is different.”  
MITS Districts Keep Technicians on their Toes
One of the first things that Mike Hazelton did when he got his first computer was to open it up and start figuring out ways to add upgrades to make it better. He has always been interested in computers and gaming so it was a natural fit for him to become a PC Lan Tech with BOCES 
Service-Now Tutorial
How to Use Service-Now


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435 Glenwood Road - Binghamton, NY 13905 - SCRIC: (607) 766-3750 - Service Desk: (607) 766-3800
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