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EDM Keeps Records Safe & Accessible
Imagine rooms with hundreds of filing cabinets and boxes filled with student records, personnel documents and test results. School districts are required by law to keep some documents for years or even indefinitely. This means that a district would need some place to put them, to keep them safe from natural disasters like fire or flooding.  
Managed Data Services:Gold Level of Service
Managed Data Services, it sounds so simple, it’s data that is managed right? Well when you consider that districts have to collect data for every student from student management systems, special education systems and even cafeteria systems the amount of data is enormous. Districts also must collect information from financial systems for staff as well.  
SCRIC Infrastructure Services Protects Customers from Intrusion
In a typical day SCRIC Infrastructure Services blocks more than 20,000 external threats and viruses from affecting customers.  These threats range from low to critical and can be extremely detrimental to a school district and its information.  
The Future of Privacy-Beyond the Fear Factor
The Future of Privacy Forum set out to gain a better understanding of what public school parents actually know and want concerning the use of technology and collection of data in their child’s school, as well as their perspectives on the benefits and risks of student data use within the educational system. Media reports routinely quote parents who are afraid or reluctant to support the use of technology, electronic education records, and student data within their own schools or throughout the educational process. This survey sought to understand the views of parents, the critical stakeholders in the education policy discussion. Click here to read the study 
Smart Schools Bond Act FAQ
Last year the Smart Schools Bond Act was passed. This initiative will allow New York State to invest $2 billion in its schools. All of the school districts represented by the SCRIC are affected by this and they will be putting together and submitting Smart School Investment Plans.

Click here to see some of the frequently asked questions about the Smart Schools Bond Act.
Service-Now Upgrade Instructional Video


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