Data Services

Data Integration Service

This service supports your school district as you seek ways to support student learning by integrating data between systems.

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Data Projects Service

This service is designed to meet the diverse data needs of school districts by creating district-specific data projects.

Data Security and Privacy Support Service

This service provides your school district with development and ongoing compliance with Part 121 of the Commissioner's Regulations relating to Education Law 2-d .

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Data Security and Privacy Coordination Service

This service provides your school district with remote assistance for implementing NYS Education Law 2-d and your data security and privacy initiatives.

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Full Service Test Scoring

This service provides your school district with the scoring of extended response questions on the NYS 3-8 ELA, Math, and Science exams.

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NYS Data Collection Automation Service

This service automates student and staff data from SCRIC-supported source systems to the data warehouse Level 0 application.

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NYS Data Collection and Testing Service

This centralized service provides your school district support for reporting of all required NYSED SIRS data and NYS testing program. Regional resources are available to support data verification and analysis.

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