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Join Our Team!

Whether you are starting your career, or continuing your career, we are happy you are considering joining the South Central RIC team! Helpful information is provided below to answer questions and assist with submitting application materials.

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How to Apply

Many of the positions are affiliated with Broome County Civil Service, including positions with work locations outside of Broome County, and are subject to Broome County civil service requirements.

When hired for a civil service position, you are considered a public employee. Public employees are hired under a merit system known as civil service. Civil service law specifies the procedures for selecting employees based upon their qualifications and competence. 

Positions are typically filled using lists of eligible candidate who have passed a civil service examination for a specific title.

More information is provided below to assist with the application process. 

Application Process

Complete and submit two applications – one to BT BOCES and one to Broome County. Applications are reviewed by Broome County to determine if candidates meet the position qualifications.  


The Broome County Civil Service website has resources available to assist candidates, including exam information, FAQ’s and job specifications. If there are additional questions, BT BOCES may be able to assist.